Interested in working together?

For inquiries and details about speaking and consulting engagements, you can reach me directly at or on twitter at @nicolefv.

I am happy to provide a current CV, resume, headshot, or bio upon request. I can also be found on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and GoogleScholar

A note on contacting me

Unfortunately due to the large amount of email I receive I’m afraid I can’t guarantee a timely response, or indeed any response at all unless your query is short and has a simple yes/no answer. In particular, I have learned from experience not to offer advice over the internet. If you’re not sure how to proceed, I have three pieces of general advice: First, if you’re upset at something I’ve done or said, assume good intentions. Second, apply the scientific method to see if you can come to the solution yourself. Most answers are always “it depends” and I often can’t respond with detailed, customized answers, particularly over email. Third, if you can find your answer with a simple google search, I will not respond.