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In addition to research papers and speaking, I produce work that may be useful on your technology transformation journey. Clicking on the image will take you to the report or article. 

state of devops reports

2017 state of Devops report

The 2017 report extends our model of organizational performance to cover non-profits and the impact of IT performance on business outcomes. We investigated the impact of transformational leadership on DevOps practices and outcomes, and how to enable continuous delivery through effective architectural practices.


This report is among the first linking IT performance to organizational performance. We define IT performance as the ability to develop and deliver code with both throughput and stability. The data shows that technology, process, and culture are all necessary pieces of a DevOps (and overall technology) transformation

2016 state of devops report

This report investigates new areas of technology practices, lean product management, and culture while also looking into new outcome measures like quality and security remediation. We find that high performers are pulling away from the pack. The report includes a framework to help teams think about the ROI of DevOps.

2015 state of devops report

This report extends on the 2014 study, again linking IT and organizational performance. We also identify key aspects of continuous delivery and lean management practices, and find they make work better and make work feel better, by improving culture, decreasing burnout, and decreasing deploy pain.