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white papers 

2017 DORA devops ROI white paper (March 2017)

This white paper shows how software does much more than just save money for organizations: technology is a value driver and innovation engine. The paper uses key metrics from our own work on the 2016 State of DevOps Report (done in collaboration with Puppet) as well as other industry averages to help you estimate the ROI of your technology transformation.

2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit Guidance (November 2016)

This white paper identifies and evaluates key practices to lead change in your organization to support the adoption of DevOps practices and patterns. The paper includes advice for leading change across different levels in the organization.

2015 devops enterprise summit guidance (october 2015)

This white paper identifies key metrics for a DevOps journey and provides practical guidance, including case studies and some examples from several of the leading experts in the field.