I speak at several technology and business events around the world each year, to audiences ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand. This page presents some of my most popular talks with tweets from the audience.

Photo credit: itSMF Australia

Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, with Jez Humble, DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016

Slideshare here.

The results from @nicolefv and @jezhumble in #stateofdevops makes it clear that there is only one organizational choice => #DevOps #does16
— https://twitter.com/jmcshane/status/796495010229141504
“By making your technical practices better, you attract, hire and retain people better” @nicolefv #does16 #DevOps
— https://twitter.com/DOESsummit/status/796483564422369280
@nicolefv @jezhumble your #does16 presentation @DOESsummit very authoritative, great insights, high quality analysis - metrics matters
— https://twitter.com/lbmkrishna/status/796844321806782464
@nicolefv and @jezhumble are using science to say one thing... “there’s no excuse” #votedevops #does16
— https://twitter.com/shawinnes/status/796482132902191104

Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, DevOps Days Singapore 2016

You know you are watching a good presenter when you are afraid to tweet because you might miss an insight -> @nicolefv #DevOpsDaysSG
— https://twitter.com/adrianfcole/status/784604461683634177
@nicolefv IT matters in improving business profitability, proven by stats 🙌 #devopsday
— https://twitter.com/leowmjw/status/784608080340353025
Mindblowing metrics from @nicolefv while sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps #devopsdays
— https://twitter.com/devopsdaysSG/status/784608004922486784

The Data on DevOps: Making the Case for Awesome, DevOps Days Minneapolis 2016

Slides available here

High-performing DevOps teams don’t trade stability for throughput, they get both. -@nicolefv #devopsdays MSP
— https://twitter.com/dberkholz/status/755770388098015232
“If you can only push code once a year, pivoting is hard or impossible.” @nicolefv #devopsdays
— https://twitter.com/jpetazzo/status/755771159879180288
The amazing @nicolefv talking to 750+ people at #devopsdays MSP, laying down the scientific realities in devops.
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/755774560629170176

What I Learned From Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, ChefConf 2016

Video coming soon! Slides available here.

Very simple conditional... If @nicolefv is speaking at your conference then you must go to the session! #ChefConf
— https://twitter.com/abtreece/status/753325406732718080
Holy crap! @nicolefv presentation blew my mind! ‘of Science-ing the Crap Out of DevOps’ #chefconf
— https://twitter.com/5Muks/status/753331507712798720
Watching @nicolefv drop some serious science on the measurable impact of devops practices on org performance #ChefConf
— https://twitter.com/jonlives/status/753327102527610880
@nicolefv killed it and scienced the crap out of my brain at #ChefConf ! I.T. is no longer a cost center but a predictor of success!
— https://twitter.com/PatternPaul/status/753327297692782592

How Metrics Shape Your Culture, Monitorama PDX 2016

.@nicolefv’s 👏 talk 👏 from 👏 @monitorama 👏 this 👏 year 👏 is 👏 my 👏 favorite 👏 talk 👏 in 👏 months 👏
— https://twitter.com/kf/status/780274475656896512
Starting an observability guild at @exosite, and I’m promoting it with @nicolefv’s #monitorama talk:
— https://twitter.com/danslimmon/status/751496722556162048
@nicolefv little feedback on your monitorama talk: almost laughed it through. Great work! Thanks!
— https://twitter.com/DoerteDev/status/751472880664313857
#monitorama @nicolefv Great talk. Loved the reminders to focus on strategy in measurement (And the slide for The Goal!)
— https://twitter.com/pfrjets/status/747498286899027970
“not everything that can be counted... counts” @nicolefv calling out a collect-everything attitude #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/threadwaste/status/747496445771546624
@nicolefv dropping deep knowledge on culture, economics, behavior design #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/dshack/status/747495499536556032
“The goal is to make money” - @nicolefv THANK YOU! So many inconsequential goals are established. Don’t forget the main goal.
— https://twitter.com/postwait/status/747494514550521857
“Continued small improvements are the key to large gains,” which is why measurement is critical. -@nicolefv #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/747493727036334085

Keynote: Continuous Delivery + DevOps = Awesome, Agile India 2016

Data-driven, inspirational #agileindia2016 keynote on #devops & CD by @nicolefv. “We’re driving real change.”
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/710676111609319424
“Developers need to maintain acceptance tests, not QAs” - @nicolefv at #AgileIndia2016 , n people start whispering, that’s org disruption :)
— https://twitter.com/AgileCoachIndia/status/710678324356382720
@Vivek_Ganesan @nicolefv #devops is grt. Quick time to market, ease developer life and Customer feedback are 3 key advantages it offers.
— https://twitter.com/bhuvneshshar1/status/710682186471440384

What We Learned from Three Years of Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps (with Jez Humble), RSAC 2016

“Who thinks surveys are sh*t and log data is real?” Hands. “Who’s seen crap data in your logs?” Many more hands. @nicolefv #ruggedDevOps
— https://twitter.com/tojarrett/status/704360284031332353
Testing w/data: “If you’re never surprised, you’re doing it wrong. Also, if you’re always surprised, you’re doing it wrong.” @nicolefv #RSAC
— https://twitter.com/chriseng/status/704366892018827264
Can apply models of culture derived from high risk, high stress org’s like health care, aviation, nuclear to tech. @nicolefv #ruggedDevOps
— https://twitter.com/tojarrett/status/704361267289415680
This is why I’m a @nicolefv fan. #Devops: now with math 😍
— https://twitter.com/cacorriere/status/704364392322723840

Arrested DevOps Podcast: Measurement and Sharing

@ArrestedDevOps [Measurement and sharing] The most missed piece of DevOps. @nicolefv
— https://twitter.com/ChrisShort/status/686620944945819648
@ArrestedDevOps @nicolefv Measuring is caring.
— https://twitter.com/nellshamrell/status/686632801395806208

DevOps Cafe Podcast, Ep 64: Behind the scenes at State of DevOps Study, Plus Sciencing DevOps and More!

A must-listen devops cafe episode, where @nicolefv sprinkles some science on #devops.
— https://twitter.com/mindweather/status/679000388176097280
@nicolefv went through your interview at devops cafe with @botchagalupe great stuff.
— https://twitter.com/oddtazz/status/711852722052444160

My First Year at Chef: Measuring All the Things, LISA 2015

USENIX LISA hosts their own content. You can see my talk here.

A few minutes into @nicolefv’s talk and I already have a growing list of work takeaways. #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/FunnelFiasco/status/664565506251337729
If you only reward one metric, you know which one will be gamed. —@nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/bzztbaa/status/664570747961085954
I want to measure everything. Thanks @nicolefv! #LISA15 #NUatLISA
— https://twitter.com/jonfrederick/status/664569869371838464
Metrics as only as a carrot or only as a stick and not as improvement, won’t work. —@nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/bzztbaa/status/664571371926761472
With metrics, even a bad baseline is OK, lets you know where you start - @nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/pleia2/status/664566749937967104

DevOps and the Bottom Line, DOES 2014

@nicolefv Inspiring
— https://twitter.com/lsaiz/status/525033840298172416
DEVOPS isn’t just IT. It’s the practice of IT. Culture, practices and re-engineering processes. @nicolefv #DOES14
— https://twitter.com/kathysd/status/525034167973994496
“#DevOps will revolutionize all tech, across all businesses, across all industries.” @nicolefv. -Exactly why we are all here at #DOES14.
— https://twitter.com/electriccloud/status/525031583128883200
And she has the statistical data to prove it! RT @cshl1: DEVOPS IS GOOD FOR IT. @nicolefv #DOES14
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/525032269866483712

DevOps Means Business, Velocity 2015

Findings from Puppet Labs State of DevOps Report 2015

Video not publicly available; SlideShare available here.

+100 “@adamhjk: Pretty sure @nicolefv is going to become an ops superhero for doing real analysis of our space. #velocityconf” @jezhumble
— https://twitter.com/RealGeneKim/status/482375571918168064
Everyone needs to listen to @nicolefv bring the science to our space. So great to have.
— https://twitter.com/adamhjk/status/482265068755619840
Anybody who’s fighting their org to do devops needs to bring the devops survey of practice to the table. Super thorough. #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/danslimmon/status/482264948962103297
As an amateur stats nerd, I’m loving @nicolefv’s description of the math used in the DevOps survey. #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/482260296690434048