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As a trained facilitator, I come prepared to direct fully interactive workshops and data concierge sessions, surfacing essential tribal knowledge and making things fun and engaging along the way. Participants leave better equipped to handle challenges and excited about new paths ahead.


Nicole helped us bring an outsider perspective validated by extensive research to our DevOps strategy. She collaborated on a custom agenda supported by specific research that our teams used to drive discussion about our strategy.  In a crowded and noisy space Nicole helped us go deep on the signal and strip out the noise in the world of DevOps.
— Sean Regan, Head of Product Marketing, Atlassian

The most common ways to engage with me are:


data impact WORKSHOP

Audience: This workshop is aimed at a general audience: individual contributors, practitioners, managers, and executives have all found this useful. Up to 100 people can participate. There is no coding, statistics, or mathematics involved. We do discuss and identify areas for future analysis. 

Overview: In this workshop, participants (both technical and business stakeholders) are given an outcomes-based framework to use when identifying metrics to collect and analyze. I have presented this simple yet powerful framework to startups and Fortune 100 software companies at various stages of their metrics journey, and all have found the framework and the process to be incredibly helpful and insightful — it helps them clarify their thought process, it ensures no steps are skipped, and it helps to communicate metrics and outcomes to others. In addition to the framework, we cover some great rules of thumb, like: Three important categories of data to collect; qualitative vs. quantitative data; benchmarking data; and a few advanced topics (e.g., medians are usually more appropriate than means when we’re looking at operations data.) This is a half day workshop (two 1.5-2 hour sessions with a break) at a fast pace, and can also be a full-day workshop to make sure all topics are covered and teams don't leave with loose ends.



Audience: This workshop is aimed at a general audience: individual contributors, practitioners, managers, and executives have all found value in attending this workshop. Up to 100 people can participate. No prior knowledge of the subject matter is necessary. 

Overview: Technologists who are really delivering software at speed and scale know that culture is a key component of any technology transformation, whether you call it Agile, DevOps, or NoOps. Whatever technology tools you use, the people are at the heart of it, and the soft technology must work. Beyond technology, all organizations can benefit from the cultural foundations that foster trust and cooperation to enable the delivery of quality goods and services at velocity. This workshop explores the cultural and foundational aspects of what makes DevOps movements successful, regardless of where they are implemented, and why these are important. Hint: they are predictive of individual, team, and organizational performance. This workshop covers these essential components of DevOps culture, and includes strategies to support and grow areas that can be improved upon. This can be delivered as a half-day or full-day workshop. 


SPEAKer at private events and Conference keynotes

I often give keynotes and talks at private events and company conferences as a part of a larger engagement. I also keynote industry conferences. These talks can be combined with panel discussions, small group meetings or half-day workshops. Most often, I tailor one of my most most popular talks to the audience and the event; my talks can be seen here


DATA CONCIERGe and advising

In this role, I leverage the expertise and experience that you already holds in-house, while bringing my expertise to bear in the following areas:

  • Assist with the identification of key outcomes for measurement initiatives, allowing for strategic analysis and communication targeted to these key outcomes and needs.

  • Provide a framework for investigating and understanding the data. This includes identification of key data to identify and collect (as well as development of metrics if appropriate measures do not currently exist), from both a strategic/ business point of view, as well as a technical standpoint.

  • Advise the organization and teams on what data and proxies are most relevant for the task and analyses at hand, whether it be exploratory investigations, optimizations, classifications or predictive analyses.

  • Aid in communication and interpretation of the data and analyses, including: insights from the analysis, key use cases that arise from the data, and socialization of the results and methodologies which allow the organization to integrate the process into their work.



Other engagements are possible and include advising and strategy; please contact me to discuss details.  


You can hire me to come to your company or private event and give one of the two workshops listed above or to give one of my talks. My day rate is $22,000 USD within the USA, or $30,000 for other countries, including travel. Data concierge, advising, retainer, and other engagements are priced on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me to discuss details.


If you are interested in assessing how well your company is implementing DevOps, continuous delivery, and other capabilities important in a technology transformation, head over to DevOps Research and Assessment, LLC