I speak at several technology and business events around the world each year, to audiences ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand. This page presents some of my most popular talks with tweets from the audience.

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The Data Behind DevOps: Becoming a High Performer, DevOps Enterprise Summit UK 2018

DevOps should be your differentiator but there is no DevOps in a box, it’s so much more than technology. @nicolefv at @DOES_EUR #devops
— https://twitter.com/edwardpearson/status/1011215224022753282
Excellent presentation by @nicolefv, CEO of DORA who gave insight towards the statistics behind the success of high-performing companies and the aspects of leadership that agile companies should employ to outsmart their competition! #DOES18
— https://twitter.com/devopsdotcom/status/1011213726148694016
DevOps numbers crunched by @nicolefv Great talk, very educational - thanks! #DOES18
— https://twitter.com/RasmusHaldDK/status/1011209091107221504

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Get There, SRECON Americas 2018

DON’T DO THIS > I feel sick... @jezhumble @nicolefv telling about managers using story points to measure productivity. That’s not the point, of story points. OMG. Thank you for telling this story! #SRECon
— https://twitter.com/zehicle/status/979026390749032449
Don’t measure lines of code as an output/productivity metric. It’s easy but deceptive because it’s an output measure not an outcome measure, says @nicolefv. More leads to bloated software with higher maintenance cost. #SREcon
— https://twitter.com/lizthegrey/status/979025441636757504
“No one ever went from releasing once a month to 10 times a day and said ‘this is terrible’”😂 - @jezhumble with @nicolefv #srecon
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/979025159091732480

a16z Podcast: Feedback Loops: Company Culture, Change, and DevOps (with Jez Humble and Sonal Chokshi)

UPDATE!: This is one of a16z’s top 5 podcasts of all time!

Wow! This @a16z podcast with @nicolefv and @jezhumble is blowing my mind. I’m going to have to listen to it again! And probably again after that
— https://twitter.com/rothgar/status/981165879143448576
This @a16z interview with @nicolefv and @jezhumble is gold:
https://a16z.com/2018/03/28/devops-org-change-software-performance/ …
–Predictive characteristics:
’1. Vision
2. Intellectual stimulation
3. Inspirational communication
4. Supportive leadership
5. Personal recognition
Invest in leadership, and your people.’
— https://twitter.com/jopas/status/984276750593966080
Amazing @a16z podcast on how to build and scale effective organizations with @nicolefv, @jezhumble, & @smc90

Take 45 minutes and listen to it, I promise it’s worth it
— https://twitter.com/719Ben/status/980681701411102720
Every once in a while my favorite podcaster @smc90 drops some big-blast-radius knowledge bombs from my favorite podcast - @a16z - & complelety blows my mind. With @jezhumble & @nicolefv she killed it today. Ordering 10 copies of #acceleratebook for @daredisrupt book club now.
— https://twitter.com/EThomasJohnson/status/979643090515447808

How to Become a High Performer, DevOps Enterprise Summit USA 2017

“Listening to @nicolefv talking about the DORA findings has been the most inspiring stuff in a long while...”
— https://twitter.com/PierreVincent/status/931947879064842240
Dr. Forsgren—Themyscira called...They want their Chief Scientist back💫. ty for the research and presentation @nicolefv @DOES_USA #DOES17 #DevOps
— https://twitter.com/ChllnW_/status/930602140254453761
“Transformations need: technology AND process AND culture” @nicolefv hits it on the head.. too many organizations don’t realize which of those is their current limfac #DOES17
— https://twitter.com/mik_kersten/status/930596013768818688
Ask yourself...

do you have loosely coupled relationships at the people level AND at the tech level.
cc: @nicolefv @devops_research
— https://twitter.com/jasonhand/status/930599089317617665

Are We There Yet? Signposts On Your Journey to AWESOME, DevOpsDays Philly 2017

@nicolefv talking about why we need to push through the j curve and become high performing teams #devopsdaysphilly
— https://twitter.com/SQLStephanie/status/922823286425341952
“Maturity Models are for Chumps!” love the #WoW reference @nicolefv!!! #DevOpsDaysPhilly
— https://twitter.com/jjmiv/status/922816862529912833
We need to capture system data with different methods; people know what’s _not_ in version control. HR data lags. @nicolefv #devopdaysphilly
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/922822902860468225

Ignite: How Metrics Make Your DevOps Awesome, DevOps Days Minneapolis 2017

So much amazing content and crazy fast talking by @nicolefv drinking from the #firehose #DevOpsDays
— https://twitter.com/ajdomie/status/889990884560973827
Floored by @nicolefv ignite talk at #devopsdays MSP–she’s delivering 1 hour worth of content in 5 min and my brain’s melting
— https://twitter.com/jpetazzo/status/889990776775639041
So yeah, @nicolefv is on fire #devopdays
— https://twitter.com/mattstratton/status/889991320881815554

Are We There Yet? Signposts on Your Way to Awesome, Velocity San Jose 2017

Slideshare here. Velocity hosts their videos privately.

Don’t just copy what works for other orgs. Identify your orgs specific constraints & start there, then iterate. @nicolefv #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/877602044294475777
This was the third time I’ve seen Nicole speak. Each time I learn something from her and am amazed by her presence on stage. Nicole jokes about “rubbing science on things” as she brings science and organizational psychology to DevOps in a way that everyone can relate to. At Velocity she did double duty as MC of the Ignites and sharing some of the results of the 2017 State of DevOps Report.
— https://code.likeagirl.io/the-women-of-velocity-and-fluent-4db5ddfc9439
Both @nicolefv and her data - and the way she extracts meaning from it - are so powerful and fabulous!
— https://twitter.com/nellshamrell/status/877600300353310720
Technology is a key differentiator for orgs. The journey takes work but it’s demonstrably worthwhile. We have data! @nicolefv #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/877599013217779712

The Key to High Performance - What the Data Says, with Nigel Kersten, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim, DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2017

“High performing organisations are twice as likely to achieve or exceed goals, both commercial and non-commercial” @nicolefv #DOES17
— https://twitter.com/danielbryantuk/status/872125173494894593
“The State of DevOps report data shows that high performers do not need to trade quality when increasing speed” @nicolefv #DOES17
— https://twitter.com/danielbryantuk/status/872123630129475586
Learning as you see what is happening is great advice, thanks @nicolefv
— https://twitter.com/DanielBreston/status/872127826891243520

Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, with Jez Humble, DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016

Slideshare here.

The results from @nicolefv and @jezhumble in #stateofdevops makes it clear that there is only one organizational choice => #DevOps #does16
— https://twitter.com/jmcshane/status/796495010229141504
“By making your technical practices better, you attract, hire and retain people better” @nicolefv #does16 #DevOps
— https://twitter.com/DOESsummit/status/796483564422369280
@nicolefv @jezhumble your #does16 presentation @DOESsummit very authoritative, great insights, high quality analysis - metrics matters
— https://twitter.com/lbmkrishna/status/796844321806782464
@nicolefv and @jezhumble are using science to say one thing... “there’s no excuse” #votedevops #does16
— https://twitter.com/shawinnes/status/796482132902191104

Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, DevOps Days Singapore 2016

You know you are watching a good presenter when you are afraid to tweet because you might miss an insight -> @nicolefv #DevOpsDaysSG
— https://twitter.com/adrianfcole/status/784604461683634177
@nicolefv IT matters in improving business profitability, proven by stats 🙌 #devopsday
— https://twitter.com/leowmjw/status/784608080340353025
Mindblowing metrics from @nicolefv while sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps #devopsdays
— https://twitter.com/devopsdaysSG/status/784608004922486784

The Data on DevOps: Making the Case for Awesome, DevOps Days Minneapolis 2016

Slides available here

High-performing DevOps teams don’t trade stability for throughput, they get both. -@nicolefv #devopsdays MSP
— https://twitter.com/dberkholz/status/755770388098015232
“If you can only push code once a year, pivoting is hard or impossible.” @nicolefv #devopsdays
— https://twitter.com/jpetazzo/status/755771159879180288
The amazing @nicolefv talking to 750+ people at #devopsdays MSP, laying down the scientific realities in devops.
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/755774560629170176

What I Learned From Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps, ChefConf 2016

Video coming soon! Slides available here.

Very simple conditional... If @nicolefv is speaking at your conference then you must go to the session! #ChefConf
— https://twitter.com/abtreece/status/753325406732718080
Holy crap! @nicolefv presentation blew my mind! ‘of Science-ing the Crap Out of DevOps’ #chefconf
— https://twitter.com/5Muks/status/753331507712798720
Watching @nicolefv drop some serious science on the measurable impact of devops practices on org performance #ChefConf
— https://twitter.com/jonlives/status/753327102527610880
@nicolefv killed it and scienced the crap out of my brain at #ChefConf ! I.T. is no longer a cost center but a predictor of success!
— https://twitter.com/PatternPaul/status/753327297692782592

How Metrics Shape Your Culture, Monitorama PDX 2016

.@nicolefv’s 👏 talk 👏 from 👏 @monitorama 👏 this 👏 year 👏 is 👏 my 👏 favorite 👏 talk 👏 in 👏 months 👏
— https://twitter.com/kf/status/780274475656896512
Starting an observability guild at @exosite, and I’m promoting it with @nicolefv’s #monitorama talk:
— https://twitter.com/danslimmon/status/751496722556162048
@nicolefv little feedback on your monitorama talk: almost laughed it through. Great work! Thanks!
— https://twitter.com/DoerteDev/status/751472880664313857
#monitorama @nicolefv Great talk. Loved the reminders to focus on strategy in measurement (And the slide for The Goal!)
— https://twitter.com/pfrjets/status/747498286899027970
“not everything that can be counted... counts” @nicolefv calling out a collect-everything attitude #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/threadwaste/status/747496445771546624
@nicolefv dropping deep knowledge on culture, economics, behavior design #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/dshack/status/747495499536556032
“The goal is to make money” - @nicolefv THANK YOU! So many inconsequential goals are established. Don’t forget the main goal.
— https://twitter.com/postwait/status/747494514550521857
“Continued small improvements are the key to large gains,” which is why measurement is critical. -@nicolefv #monitorama
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/747493727036334085

Keynote: Continuous Delivery + DevOps = Awesome, Agile India 2016

Data-driven, inspirational #agileindia2016 keynote on #devops & CD by @nicolefv. “We’re driving real change.”
— https://twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/status/710676111609319424
“Developers need to maintain acceptance tests, not QAs” - @nicolefv at #AgileIndia2016 , n people start whispering, that’s org disruption :)
— https://twitter.com/AgileCoachIndia/status/710678324356382720
@Vivek_Ganesan @nicolefv #devops is grt. Quick time to market, ease developer life and Customer feedback are 3 key advantages it offers.
— https://twitter.com/bhuvneshshar1/status/710682186471440384

What We Learned from Three Years of Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps (with Jez Humble), RSAC 2016

“Who thinks surveys are sh*t and log data is real?” Hands. “Who’s seen crap data in your logs?” Many more hands. @nicolefv #ruggedDevOps
— https://twitter.com/tojarrett/status/704360284031332353
Testing w/data: “If you’re never surprised, you’re doing it wrong. Also, if you’re always surprised, you’re doing it wrong.” @nicolefv #RSAC
— https://twitter.com/chriseng/status/704366892018827264
Can apply models of culture derived from high risk, high stress org’s like health care, aviation, nuclear to tech. @nicolefv #ruggedDevOps
— https://twitter.com/tojarrett/status/704361267289415680
This is why I’m a @nicolefv fan. #Devops: now with math 😍
— https://twitter.com/cacorriere/status/704364392322723840

Arrested DevOps Podcast: Measurement and Sharing

@ArrestedDevOps [Measurement and sharing] The most missed piece of DevOps. @nicolefv
— https://twitter.com/ChrisShort/status/686620944945819648
@ArrestedDevOps @nicolefv Measuring is caring.
— https://twitter.com/nellshamrell/status/686632801395806208

DevOps Cafe Podcast, Ep 64: Behind the scenes at State of DevOps Study, Plus Sciencing DevOps and More!

A must-listen devops cafe episode, where @nicolefv sprinkles some science on #devops.
— https://twitter.com/mindweather/status/679000388176097280
@nicolefv went through your interview at devops cafe with @botchagalupe great stuff.
— https://twitter.com/oddtazz/status/711852722052444160

My First Year at Chef: Measuring All the Things, LISA 2015

USENIX LISA hosts their own content. You can see my talk here.

A few minutes into @nicolefv’s talk and I already have a growing list of work takeaways. #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/FunnelFiasco/status/664565506251337729
If you only reward one metric, you know which one will be gamed. —@nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/bzztbaa/status/664570747961085954
I want to measure everything. Thanks @nicolefv! #LISA15 #NUatLISA
— https://twitter.com/jonfrederick/status/664569869371838464
Metrics as only as a carrot or only as a stick and not as improvement, won’t work. —@nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/bzztbaa/status/664571371926761472
With metrics, even a bad baseline is OK, lets you know where you start - @nicolefv #lisa15
— https://twitter.com/pleia2/status/664566749937967104

DevOps and the Bottom Line, DOES 2014

@nicolefv Inspiring
— https://twitter.com/lsaiz/status/525033840298172416
DEVOPS isn’t just IT. It’s the practice of IT. Culture, practices and re-engineering processes. @nicolefv #DOES14
— https://twitter.com/kathysd/status/525034167973994496
“#DevOps will revolutionize all tech, across all businesses, across all industries.” @nicolefv. -Exactly why we are all here at #DOES14.
— https://twitter.com/electriccloud/status/525031583128883200
And she has the statistical data to prove it! RT @cshl1: DEVOPS IS GOOD FOR IT. @nicolefv #DOES14
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/525032269866483712

DevOps Means Business, Velocity 2015

Findings from Puppet Labs State of DevOps Report 2015

Video not publicly available; SlideShare available here.

+100 “@adamhjk: Pretty sure @nicolefv is going to become an ops superhero for doing real analysis of our space. #velocityconf” @jezhumble
— https://twitter.com/RealGeneKim/status/482375571918168064
Everyone needs to listen to @nicolefv bring the science to our space. So great to have.
— https://twitter.com/adamhjk/status/482265068755619840
Anybody who’s fighting their org to do devops needs to bring the devops survey of practice to the table. Super thorough. #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/danslimmon/status/482264948962103297
As an amateur stats nerd, I’m loving @nicolefv’s description of the math used in the DevOps survey. #velocityconf
— https://twitter.com/jpaulreed/status/482260296690434048